Remote DBA Services

DBA Consulting are located in the London Area and work with clients on-site and remotely around the U.K.

All of our remote DBA services is done onshore in the UK by our employees and will not be outsourced to offshore database administrators.

Inexperienced Oracle DBA's can prove to be a costly mistake for a corporation. Oracle Corporation statistics indicate that human error is the primary cause of 75% of database outages.

DBA consulting will provide an experienced, competent Oracle professional to service your database, and you can rest assured that your Oracle database is getting the best possible care.

By hiring the services of a recognised* Oracle professional you can avoid any potential downtime that may otherwise occur.

DBA Consulting works with you to fill gaps in skill sets and provides a flexible service that can handle your growing needs without having to hire costly full-time personnel. Companies that have hiring freezes, high workloads or inexperienced DBAs find this to be an attractive alternative to hiring additional in-house database support staff.

Benefits of using the Remote DBA Service:

  • Reduced DBA and Maintenance Costs - Obtain the required expertise from our DBA's.
  • 24x7, 100% Onshore Support - Get the support you need on a 24x7 basis.
  • Access to Technical Expertise Not Available In-House - Obtain the expertise you require without the expense of hiring permanent staff.
  • Better Utilization of Internal Resources - Internal resources can be redeployed to other initiatives.
Oracle RAC support

* All of our database support staff are Oracle certified.