Oracle Database Support

We provide database support for Oracle databases on a Unix and Linux platform. We have expertise not only with Oracle databases but also with the underlying OS and Storage and can therefore advise accordingly. Support would include services like performance tuning, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, Oracle licensing and install, migrations and upgrades.

Performance Tuning

We will get you results and fast. Performance tuning your database can be a quick fix or may take weeks to correctly diagnose and resolve. Our consultants have years of experience of tuning databases at client sites. We will work with you to analyse your system and improve your database performance. We can measure and monitor any performance gains to meet your performance goals after identifying any performance bottlenecks and can advise on the suitability of your current hardware and software.

Backup and Recovery

DBA Consulting can undertake a gap analysis exercise of your backup and recovery schedule. This will ensure that any database backups including backups for mission critical databases comply with your business requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Our consultants at DBA Consulting have designed and implemented complex disaster recovery solutions. We have experience of implementing DR solutions using technologies like Oracle Data Guard as well as SAN replication technologies. We can provide recommendations based on your requirements and can implement and test disaster recovery to meet your business continuity goals.

Database installs, Upgrades and Migrations

As well as providing the necessary expertise to install Oracle and create new databases for our clients, our consultants at DBA Consulting also have the expertise in upgrading databases to new versions of Oracle to comply with any Support requirements. We also have extensive experience with migrating databases to and from various flavours of Unix/Linux as well as migrating databases for customers to new hardware.

Oracle licensing

We can provide either a one-off consultation or a long term licensing consultancy to assist you in being Oracle license compliant regardless of the size of your Oracle database estate.